About Unity Perspectives, Inc.

Unity Perspectives, Inc. received its’ own 501 (c)(3) designation in January 2009 to formalize it as a legal structure (in existence since 2008) explicitly for the mission to create partnerships within the community to provide effective services for youth and their families.   Unity Perspectives strengthens relationships between youth and adults in the community in underserved geographic areas of Kent and Sussex Counties of Delaware.  Partnering with schools and other local nonprofits, UPI has impacted the lives of youth by providing after school and summer activities.  These youth services include the following:  leadership training, career preparation, civic responsibility, and youth forums. Our major goal is to convince these young people to use alternative thinking strategies as a means to develop their skills, assets, and competencies that prevents them from entering the juvenile justice system while parents of the students play a major role in their child’s achievements that ultimately help young people experience a healthy adolescence and successful transition to a productive adulthood.   

Mission Statement

To make and build on partnerships with in the community to achieve optimum service provision for people in need.

Vision Statement

“Community Operated, Youth Led, Family Supported” 

Unity Perspectives, Inc. Services:

Community Partnerships

Youth Services

Family & Community Programs

Please feel free to contact the Executive Director for any questions:

Mr. Merlyn Brown


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